Behind the scenes

Inspiring Humanity


Happy employees are committed, drive sales and are about 43% more productive

But 72% of the workforce is unhappy (figures vary slightly according to research sources).

According to research, 70% of individual power is not transformed in value. What about your team? And your organization ?

What if you would manifest all skills of an high-performing team? 

Are you all moving in the same direction? 

What about trust ? 

Diversity represents a massive potential for a team. At the same time, it is the most difficult quality to integrate and fully express.

Collective greatness can only be attained at the price of a subtle alchemy between all stakeholders.

  • Tap into the most advanced systems coaching framework available to increase trust and resilience, raise morale and engagement, improve delegation, augment accountability.
  • Leverage the power of neuroscience to create impactful conversations that radically change the way we relate and co-create together.
  • Take advantage of a facilitation that stimulates conversations in communities and teams in such a way local solutions are found where global solutions fail.

The beauty about our approach is that it supports both small and large-scale coaching and change facilitation engagements: entire departments, divisions, even organizations can benefit from real-time interventions around culture, leadership, change and conflict management.

Benefits include:

  • Increase trust
  • Catalyzing co-creation & innovation
  • Manage change and complexity
  • Optimize team potential
  • Create mental models for success
  • Higher level of engagement
  • Strengthening partnerships

To move towards a high-performing team, to humanize your organization, discover our services.


Adopting a systemic view is looking at the entity that connects all individuals who service that entity. It is about relating to the team as a system instead as to a group of individuals, while understanding the dynamics of the team system.

What if you dramatically could increase engagement ?

There are 5 types of intelligences:

  • Intellectual Intelligence
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Social Intelligence
  • Conversational Intelligence
  • Relationship Systems Intelligence

A systemic approach harnesses the power of Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) and Relationships Systems Intelligence (RSI).

What would the organization answer if we ask: what does it want? Not: “what do you want?” nor "What do I want?" or "What does he want?" But what does "it" want. And that’s often a whole other story…

What B.R.I.D.G.E.S do we help building ?

"Bridges" is a process that takes the best of C-IQ and RSI and Community Life Cycle Process (CLCP).

69% of issues in a relationship will never be solved. They remain perpetual problems and never go away, so the question is: how to manage them?


enthalpies is a project that is born from the meeting of three main paths:

  1. My personal experience as manager in striving to get the most of my team and organisation. I have always been deeply convinced that much more can be achieved when delegating power an responsibility, before I started to experience it. Is has been a frustration before it became a passion !
  2. My interest for tools and techniques that supported this quest, such as alternative management practices, collective and individual performance, collective intelligence. For long, I have been looking at a team not as a collection of individuals but much more as a system made of relationships. Today, I know the power of a team dwells in the power of the individual relationships and in the connection to the system, as an interdependent, distinct entity, having its own existence, identity, purpose, values, processes, and rules.
  3. The double observation that people suffer from being disconnected with their purpose, their sense of power, and their greatness and that a majority of organizations still maintain the conditions for low engagement (yes, I dare to say - and research supports it). Result ? Burnout, bore-out, sickness, absenteeism, presenteeism, depression.

I am Pierre-Boris Kalitventzeff. I'm a pragmatic dreamer.

I energized the roles of manager in a major ICT corporation and of a C-level executive in a global leading SME’s. Today, I act as a Professional Certified Coach who creates bridges between people, teams, partners, using a systems approach. 

I believe people can drive change, from within, if one only builds the proper bridges. The biggest innovation lies in the way we lead, innovate and create, individually and collectively.

My purpose is to inspire and facilitate human development in organizations to empower both people and organizations by aligning their purpose, their values and their action.

My dream? A thriving organization, trusted and connected to its soul.